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Local Town Route Delivery Schedule

Delivery Address:
Deansboro, NY, 13328
Delivery Partners:
None your home. We're excited to be able to offer this home delivery service to families in neighboring towns who can't easily make it over to our farm. This is new for us so please be patient while we work out the details on the home deliveries.

Our available products can be seen by clicking any of the categories to the left. You can put products into your shopping cart as you normally would. Since this order is for home delivery, our system will ask you for some extra details about your location to make it easier for us to find you. We require a purchase of at least $50 of meat in order for home delivery.

You can see our first scheduled delivery dates below. Note that there is an ordering window for each delivery. Ordering is not available once the window closes to give us time to assemble and pack the orders prior to delivery.

Your will receive a confirmation email when you place an order. When we finalize your order, you will receive a second email with the order details, including the exact weights of the meats you ordered. It will be your reminder to make sure you have a cooler ready for us if you won't be home, and to make sure payment is provided.

Thanks for supporting our family and our farm business. You will not be disappointed with our products!

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